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Why Do We Need A Membership Organization?

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Why Do We Need A Membership Organization?

Some readers have asked why it is necessary to have a membership organization. They think the Foundation and study groups are enough. An important reason for having such an organization is that the Foundation needs supportive affiliates to help it carry out the task of disseminating the teachings.

One of our chief guides in forming a membership organization is taken from The URANTIA Book, which says: "That state is best which coordinates most while governing least." (p. 803) We believe this statement applies to organizations as well as to governments. In addition, we believe that the purpose of organization is to prevent organization. For example, the purpose of the sheriff in the frontier town of the old-West was to prevent vigilantes. Nature abhors a vacuum. If we do not sponsor a benign, minimal organization, another organization will fill that void. And that other organization may be neither benign nor minimal.

Furthermore, The URANTIA Book generates in many people a desire to serve and to fraternize with other readers. As a response to this desire, we believe that many organizations will come into existence, some of which will be affiliated with URANTIA Foundation. The Trustees are determined that the organizations affiliated with the Foundation be minimal and benign. If there exists no benign organization to meet people's need for service and fraternization, then the need will be met in other ways.

We welcome your input regarding this matter of a membership organization. You cannot perceive spiritual truth until you feelingly experience it, and many truths are not really felt except in adversity.