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Reader Comments About The Urantia Book

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Reader Comments About The Urantia Book

"I am having a rich continuing experience of the Papers and consider myself not only a reader but a student of the Papers." ~ Houston, Texas

"I am a Christian for many years-and have hungered for the wisdom and coherence I have discovered in The URANTIA Book. I have many friends with a similar hunger." ~ New York, New York

"I have been helped and guided by The URANTIA Book as to how I might improve my personal relationship with God .... " ~ Hazelwood, Missouri

" stimulates people from within to live an eternal heroic evolutive religious journey, THE Infinite Game of the universe." ~ Quebec, Canada

"I read, contemplate, and or two Papers per evening. I find the material most interesting, fascinating, and enlightening." ~ Saulte Ste. Marie, Michigan

"This brilliant and outstanding contribution to mankind supersedes all other existing publications on earth." ~ McKeesport, Pennsylvania