Changes to the book sales policy

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The Trustees of URANTIA Foundation have always wanted as many bookstores as possible to stock The URANTIA Book on their shelves. Bookstores will carry The URANTIA Book on their shelves if they have customers who will buy it from them.

The Trustees want to encourage the purchase of The URANTIA Book from bookstores in order to increase the number of bookstores willing to carry The URANTIA Book. Therefore, on 1 October 1992, the Foundation's Discretionary Discount Program will be discontinued. After that date, the Foundation will continue to sell The URANTIA Book at a 40% discount only to bookstores. The Foundation will also sell books to those individuals who do not have access to a bookstore. The price to individuals will be the suggested retail price of $34.00, plus $5.00 for shipping and handling in the United States and $7.00 for International shipping and handling.

If you become aware of a bookstore that does not carry or know how to order The URANTIA Book, please give us a call at (312) 525-3319, and we shall contact that bookstore in order to facilitate your ability to order The URANTIA Book through that bookstore.

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