Why should I contribute to URANTIA Foundation?

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Question: Why should I contribute to URANTIA Foundation? Aren't your legal and accounting costs excessive?

Answer: Questions along these lines are often a result of the criticisms of avowed opponents of the URANTIA Foundation and its policies, which obscure the true scope and emphasis of URANTIA Foundation's activities. The ultimate goal of URANTIA Foundation is the dissemination of the teachings of The URANTlA Book. In addition to the printing and distribution of The URANTlA Book, these efforts include Foundation programs such as translations and converting the book's text to appropriate electronic and audio forms. These alone are demanding tasks. In addition, within the last few years, a number of individuals and groups have mounted major efforts which have challenged URANTIA Foundation in fundamental ways, and URANTIA Foundation has been compelled to meet these challenges directly and resolutely -and at no small expense. We certainly would like to reduce these expenses, because that would mean that interference with our carrying out our duties and responsibilities would have ceased or abated. Further, it would mean that we would have more time, energy, and resources to move ahead with other projects we have in mind.

If we could accomplish our goals without spending money on legal and accounting fees, we would certainly do so.

But there is a thicket of rules and regulations we must deal with in pursuing the worldwide goals of URANTIA Foundation, and the constant danger of legal action involving individuals and organizations forces us to seek the advice of legal and financial advisors. The only real issue is what kind of advice we need in any specific instance and how much that will cost.

The Trustees have, where possible, worked directly with those individuals who are willing to provide financial support for this important part of our responsibilities. This reduces, but does not eliminate, the need to draw upon general revenues for these crucial tasks. The Trustees have established perpetual printing, translation, library place ment, and general operation funds for those interested in supporting these specific activities, and donors have the option of specifying that their contributions should be applied to one or more of them.

Donations are essential to our continued operation. Without them, it will be difficult for URANTIA Foundation to disseminate the teachings of The URANTlA Book.

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