URANTIA Foundation Hosts Booth At American Booksellers Association Conventions

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Representatives of URANTIA Foundation attended the convention of the American Booksellers Association for the last two years, once in Las Vegas, Nevada during June 1990, and again in New York City during May 1991. The conventions featured over 1,400 exhibits and attracted nearly 25,000 people in 1990 and 31,000 in 1991. The Foundation exhibited The URANTIA Book and Le Livre d'URANTIA.

By participating in such conventions, URANTIA Foundation seeks to foster the slow but steady growth of trade awareness of The URANTIA Book. Furthermore; contacts with bookstore buyers and publishers will assist the Trustees in promoting appropriate worldwide distribution of The URANTIA Book, Le Livre d'URANTIA, as well as its other translations.

The booth attracted numerous visitors, attesting to the fact that The URANTIA Book is becoming well known among professionals in the book trade.

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