URANTIA Brotherhood Association

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As we have previously reported, the Trustees have approved a detailed concept paper and are in the process of drafting the organizational documents for URANTIA Brotherhood Association. Once completed, the Trustees anticipate that the proposed documents will be widely reviewed and discussed, making use of the help and insights of participants in Friends of URANTIA Foundation. We appreciate the expressions of interest and support we have received so far, and we will keep you informed of further developments.

Three URANTIA Societies have declared their intention to affiliate with URANTIA Brotherhood Association:

  • Finnish URANTIA Society,
  • First URANTIA Society of Western Springs,
  • URANTIA Society of San Fernando Valley.

The eighteen remaining former URANTIA Societies have decided not to maintain their affiliation with URANTIA Foundation or URANTIA Brotherhood Association, and the license agreements permitting them to use the Foundation's registered marks have been terminated.

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