Library Placement Program Showing Positive results

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In addition to placing copies of The URANTIA Book in publicly-accessible libraries throughout the world, our program includes placing copies of the book in the libraries of correctional facilities within the United States. We receive many inquiries and requests from inmates and from prison librarians. Letters from those in difficult situations describe how the teachings of The URANTIA Book have enhanced their lives. Here are some excerpts:

" ... the library has received the copy, however there is a waiting list already ... .! am struggling for the truth and our purpose. "

" ... this wonderful book; it answers many of the questions I've longed to know. "

" ... prison is filled with negative influences .... Jesus was speaking of knowledge, wisdom and that food for the spirit, which is why I requested your Urantia Book. I have that thirst for wisdom and truth."

"The popularity of the book is astounding. We are just unable to accommodate everyone with enough time to read this interesting book." (A Librarian)

We welcome the support of all who wish to see the Library Placement program continued or enhanced.

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