Fund Raising

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As a non-profit organization, fund raising is vital to our future. URANTIA Foundation has not broadly sought financial support for two years, and the time has come for us once again to ask for the help of our contributors. In the near future, we will be sending our annual solicitation letter. Many readers have often asked the question, "What can I do to help?" Financial support is one important way to do so.

There are numerous projects that require dependable long term financing to ensure that they are completed. We have listed just a few of the projects that we hope to complete or begin in the near future.


  • Completion of the Finnish and Spanish translations.
  • Publication of The URANTIA Book in electronic (computerized) format.
  • Future translations.
  • Publication of a printed index to The URANTIA Book and additional study aids.


  • The Library Placement Program, whereby libraries willing to put The URANTIA Book in therr collections are given one or more free copies.
  • The Book Consignment Program, a method for placing The URANTIA Book in a bookstore. This increases the number of books available in retail outlets.
  • Administrative expenses associated with the distribution of The URANTIA Book and the Reader Services Program.
  • Expenses associated with the printing of The URANTIA Book (and Le Livre d'Urantia by Foundation affiliate Amadon Corporation).

We hope that our readers will be able financially to support these and other programs. Clearly, the more support we have, the more we will accomplish.

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