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As we conclude a very active 1988 and prepare to begin a new year of service for the readers of The URANTIA Book, the Trustees and staff of URANTIA Foundation send you our warmest holiday greetings and our sincere thanks for your continued support and help.

This past year saw encouraging progress on a number of new and continuing projects, as well as inereased communication and coordination between URANTIA Foundation and URANTIA Brotherhood on many levels. We look forward to another year of growth and cooperation between these two sister organizations as they seek the Father's will in fulfilling their important roles in the pursuit of mutual goals: wisely disseminating the teachings of The URANTIA Book to a spiritually hungry world, and preserving inviolate the text of the Revelation for future generations of truth seekers.

There are many examples of how our two organizations assume different responsibilities as they work together for the same long term goals. In addition to URANTIA Brotherhood Corporation acting as the sales agent for The URANTIA Book on behalf of URANTIA Foundation, the Foundation has authorized and fInanced several ongoing projects, such as the Library Placement and Book Consignment progams, that are being administered by URANTIA Brotherhood. Other projects that are directly administered by the Foundation, such as the Spanish and Finnish translations and the upcoming Index to The URANTIA Book, involve tlre active participation of Brotherhood members on many levels from fund raising to checking the final results. Even carrying out the Foundation's legal responsibilities of copyright and trademark protection requires the assistance and cooperation of every Brotherhood member and reader in order to help maintain the integrity of the text and the exlusivity of the identifying symbols of its authenticity.

It is in this spirit of cooperation that URANTIA Foundation greets the challenges of the new year. We ask for your continued advlce, support, and participation in our task of sharing the teachings of The URANTIA Book with all who might desire to hear them, both now and in the generations to come.

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