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As reported in our July 1988 newsletter, the Library Placement Program continues to be a successful way to make The URANTIA Book and Le Livre d'Urantia available consistent with URANTIA Foundation's considered policy of a measured and unostentatious dissemination of the teachings of The URANTIA Book. In reviewing the number of books placed since the program was accelerated, we found that during the last four years, over 3,000 copies of The URANTIA Book have been placed in libraries around the world that have English books in their collections. In addition, over l00 copies of Le Livre d'Urantia have been placed in libraries in Quebec Province, Canada as well as other French speaking areas.

Over the years, sevreral hundred different readers have participated in this effort by placing books in libraries. The number of books placed by individuals ranges from one copy to over one thousand. Keep in mind that we will provide the books free of charge, but we need you to contact your local libraries. If you are interested in participating, contact us and we will inform the two committees of URANTIA Brotherhood who administer the program of your interest and have them send you information. It is a valuable service that is not that difficult and personal contact enhances the possibility of the library's acceptance of The URANTIA Book or Le Livre d'Urantia for permanent placement on its shelves.

In addition to the efforts of individuals, mass mailings to libraries offering to donate books are also undertaken. For example, in October of this year, a mailing to over 6,000 libraries around the world was sent out. The return requests are still coming in so a final count on responses is not available at this time. While only a small percentage of libraries may respond to this request we believe it is worth the effort and hope to periodically continue these efforts.

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