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URANTIA Foundation and URANTIA Brotherhood take pleasure in announcing that a Key Word Index of the Contents of The URANTIA Book will shortly be available. The Key Word lndex was developed under the auspices of the Brotherhood in coordination with the Foundation. The Foundation will publish the Key Word Index and the Brotherhood will distribute it.

There are two tables of contents in The URANTIA Book. The second of these two, found between pages xii and lxvi, is entitled, "Contents of the Book" and is highly detailed. The Key Word Index is based entirely on this second table of contents and is an alphabetical sorting of the significant words in each listing found in this section of The URANTIA Book. The Key Word Index will be approximately 60 pages in length, the same size as the pages in The URANTIA Book and will have a soft cover.

It is anticipated that the Key Word Index will be published in the early portion of 1989. Look for an announcement of its availability soon.

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