Comments from Readers of The Urantia Book

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"I've just finished reading The URANTIA Book, which I got from the library. Started reading the Life of Jesus first and was so impressed with it. He comes alive and I wish I could have known Him. The book has increased my faith. I have had a deep faith in God all my life...albeit God was a stern father figure and a punishing God. In the past few years, my concept of God is changing more towards the concept The URANTIA Book enplains."

"Thank you for The URANTIA Book. When I first ran across it I thought the content of the book was just 'weird' enough to make it interesting reading. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this book contained a rare wisdom which I have found in only a couple other sources...I have searched other 'religious' books for answers to the contradictions...without success. I might question the validity of the teaching in The URANTIA Book if it didn't fill in the answers to the questions I have asked in the past. I am very impressed by the series on the teachings of Jesus. The lessons and discussions give the true insight into what Jesus taught..."

"Some time ago, browsing in a local bookstore, Iwas moved to purchase a copy of The URANTIA Book. At the time, I knew nothing of the book but was actively searching for something in which I could believe. I took The URANTIA Book home, flipped through it and, promising myself I would one day read it, placed it on the closet shelf where it remained until this summer. A number of quite extraordinary (and I dare say fortuitous) events prompted me to begin to study The URANTIA Book several montlrs ago and I have the most overwhelming sensation of having come home, of having finally caught a glimpse of that which I have long sought. A close friend of mine attends meetings of the local URANTIA Book Study Group and has let me know that I am welcome there. For the moment, I feel I need to continue my solitary erploration of this book but I'm so glad there is a study group near me for I know the day will come when I'll very much want to be a part of it."

"Everytime I go into my favorite bookstore I am drawn to certain books that I know will help me better understand myself and my relationships with my fellow man and God. Last week I picked up off the shelf The URANTIA Book that you publish. I have really had to think about it, but I truly feel that this is universal truth brought down to us from the hierarchies of our universe to help us grow. Their wonderful and glorious revelation has brought to me something that has stirred my heart and I am so grateful to them for that."

"I... had given up on Christianity because I could not deal with the conflicts I had with the concept of Jesus' death on the cross as some kind of fitting reconciliation between an offended God and fallen man. After making some affirmations about my spiritual life and lack of direction I went to look for a book in our university library of four million books. The book I went for was not on the shelf, but guess what was standing in its place...? The URANTIA Book has been the greatest mind-expanding experience I have found in my study to find answers to the meaning of life."

"October 1988 will be memorable as the month I came upon and started reading The URANTIA Book. lt is a welcome breath of fresh air. There is no doubt in my mind and heart that it is a revelatory work of divine inspiration. How, I wondered, could such a book have remained unknown to me for so long? And when I mused, in answer to my own query: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

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