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As of mid-December, distribution (a term which encompasses sales as well as gift and library placements) in 1988 of The URANTIA Book reached a level of more than 9,700 copies. Slightly more than four percent of this amount represents donated books.

Amadon Corporation, an affiliate of URANTIA Foundation, reports that figures for the distribution of the French translation, Le Livre d'Urantia, are at a level of more than 1,300 copies by mid-December. Less than one percent of this figure consists of donated books. Thus, the total number of books distributed this year, will exceed 1 1,000 copies.

While data for December is only partially available, it is estimated that by the conclusion of this year about 175,000 copies of The URANTIA Book will have been distributed throughout the world since 1955. Total distribution for the French translation, since its publication in 1961, should reach about 21,500 copies at the conclusion of this year.The combined total distribution for both versions of The URANTIA Book will be almost 197,000 copies.

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