Library Placement Program

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URANTIA Foundation expanded its involvement in the Library Placement Program by offering an almost limitless supply of The URANTIA BOOK and Le Livre d'Urantia to URANTIA Brotherhood for placement. In addition the Foundation has agreed to pay for mass mailings to libraries and other approved costs so that the Brotherhood is not hampered in its efforts to administer and expand the program due to budgetary restraints.

Individuals and/or groups can participate in library placement. The primary mechanism is to contact the Domestic Extension Committee of URANTIA Brotherhood if placing books in the United States or the International Fellowship Committee if placing books in other countries. Both Committees can be contacted in care of the office in Chicago.

More and more letters are received at the office describing how a new reader found the book in'a library. This program is a real opportunityfor service by helping to get more books in circulationwhere they can be "found." If you have placed books before, check the libraries at least once a year because sometimes the book is not returned to the library. Just talk to the librarian and we will be happy to send another book. Please feel free to contact us for further information ifyou are interested in this program.

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