Excerpts from letters

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"The URANTIA Book is the most exciting book I have come across. I am barely past page 100, but I pick it up every possible chance I get. It will take me a few weeks to finish it and who knows how many readings until I can keep all the different designations and infornration clear. It appears to me that every time one reads it a new insight can be gained."

* * *

"I've just finished reading The URANTIA Book, which I got from the library. I started reading the Life of Jesus first and was very impressed with it. He comes alive and I wish I could have known Him. The book has increased my faith. I have had a deep faith in God all my life (I am nearing sixty), albeit God was a stern father figure and a punishing God. In the past few years, my concept of God is changing more towards the concept The URANTIA Book explains."

* * *

"I began reading The URANTIA Book a few years ago. I have to get it from the library, and I can never keep it long enough to finish it. Is there anyway I couldjust purchase the book and have it in my home for my children and grandchildren to read?!!"

* * *

"When I first heard ofit in 1980 I did not know how to obtain one butwas told that it would come into the hands of any who truly sought it. Within three weeks a stranger came through my door bringing with her, her copy of the bookthat she thought might be of interest to me. I had it for a month. In 1986 I went to our local library and inquired about the book. The lady checked her computer and found a copy in the provincial library. Apparently it had just come in and I was the first borrower! I spoke of it to an aunt and she ordered one and gave it to me immediately as my Christmas present!"

* * *

"I was given a copy of The URANTIA Book about 7 years ago. I attempted to read it, but I was clearly not ready and put it aside. Through no concious effort on my part, it remained with me until 4 months ago when I began to read it in earnest. After entertaining some serious doubts at first, I am completely persuaded that it is exactly what it purports to be. It is indeed a revelation that could only be sent from the Father revealing the Truth for the first time completely as we can understand it."

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