Erroneous Library Cataloguing Update

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In the last issue of this newsletter, an article appeared which reported that some libraries still incorrectly list The URANTIA Book under its old Dewey Decimal classification number of 133 - Parapsychology and Occultism. The article indicated that in 1975 URANTIA Foundation persuaded the Library of Congress to change the Dewey Decimal classification number of the book to 299 - Other Religions. The article encouraged readers to verify which classification number their local libraries were using to list The URANTIA Book, and if the listing was incorrect to point it out to the library or refer the matter to the Foundation for action.

We are pleased to relate that in response to the article, a reader in the Kansas City area checked on the listing of the book in a regional library system and determined that it was incorrect. The reader then provided us with the information to contact the person responsible for cataloguing books in the regional library system whom we then contacted. In response to our letter, the library system agreed to change the catalogue designation of the books to its correct listing. The consequence ofthis effort was the correct listing of The URANTIA Book in the catalogues of more than 20 libraries that comprised the regional system.

We again urge all readers who share our interest in this matter to visit your local libraries to determine ifthe book is correctly listed. If the book is incorrectly listed, thenwe will be happy to workwith you and the libraryto get the catalogue designation corrected.

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