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Sometimes it is helpful to review the various programs in place to remind long time readers and to inform newer readers about them.

In addition to our discounts to authorized book distributors and bookstones, we offer a 25% discount to any individual who orders 5 or more books sent to one location. This means for 5 or more books ordered, you are getting one book free plus a discount on the fourth book. URANTIA Societies can get a 40% discount on orders of 10 or more books up to a total of 245 books per year. The Societies can then resell the books at the discounted price to readers for loan or gift copies if they wish.

The Library Placement Program is now totally funded by URANTIA Foundation and administered by URANTIA Brotherhood. The Foundation offers an unlimited number of free books for library placement throughout the world through approved Brotherhood programs. Contact the office for details if you would like to participate in placing books in libraries.

Finally, we announced in our July 1987 newsletter that a new Consignment Program had been established. Under this program, you can go to any bookstore that doesn't already carry the book and offer them the opportunity to place it in their store on consignment. Our hope is that this program will be especially helpful in countries throughout the world where book distribution problems are more difficult. We are enclosing a consignment form and a return envelope which you can use for this purpose.

All the above methods are reasonable and legitimate means to make the book more available while avoiding cultish or overly commercial approaches. We invite all of you to participate in these prograns and help to achieve our mutual goal of making the book as available as possible. Please call or write us if you need further details about any of these programs.

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