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The Trustees take great pleasure in sharing the news with you that they are entering into negotiations with a professional indexer to complete the index of The URANTIA Book. Work on this index began shortly after the publication of the book in 1955. While various individuals have labored on the index, it was Edith Cook and Anna Rawson who devoted some years to the project and were unable to return to it.

Over the years, staff at the Foundation have had occasion to consult the incomplete index for research purposes and they have found it to be a most useful reference aid. Given that even the unfinished index has proven to be so useful for referencing The URANTIA Book, it was concluded by the Trustees that the index should be completed and offered to students of the book.

The Foundation contacted representatives of the publishing industry to seek recommendations for professional indexers who have the credentials to complete the project. The Foundation was directed to several individuals who were highly recommended. It is with one of these individuals that we are currenty negotiating.

Preliminary work has already begun on completing the index. The indexer has been reading a copy of The URANTIA Book in preparation for the actual work of indexing. Once the work of actually completing the index begins, the results will be reviewed by students of The URANTIA Book. It is the goal of the Foundation to produce an index that will preserve the labors of the dedicated students who thus far worked on it, contain the qualities found in a professionally created index, and, most of all, be a useful tool for readers in their study of The URANTIA Book.

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