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Recently a student of The URANTIA Book told us of going into his local public library and discovering that the book was incorrectly listed in the card catalogue under its old Dewey Decimal classification number 133 -Parapsychology and Occultism. Similar experiences have been reported to us from time to time by other students. In 1975 URANTIA Foundation was able to get the catalogue designation of The URANTIA Book changed to Dewey Decimal classification number 299 - Other Religions, and the Library of Congress classification to BP6O5 - Other Beliefs and Movements. Since the 6th Printing of The URANTIA Book, the revised library classification information has been printed on the copyright page of each copy.

Research indicates that the libraries which obtained copies of The URANTIA Book before the classification change may well continue to list the book under the old designations, even when they receive copies that display the revised classification information on the copyright page. Interested students may wish to check the catalogue listing for The URANTIA Book in their local public or college libraries. Should you find the book improperly listed, you can bring it to the attention of the librarian responsible for cataloguing books. While there are costs in changing the catalogue designation of a book, most librarians will take a professional pride in having books correcfly classified and will be likely to respond in a cooperative manner. However, if a library proves to be resistant to changing to the correct classification for the book do not contend with the people you contacted about the problem. If you will supply us with the name and address of the library concerned, as well as the name of tlre librarian concerned with cataloguing books, URANTIA Foundation will contact the library and request that The URANTIA Book be correcfly classified.

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