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We are pleased to report that more copies of the English version of The URANTIA Book have been distributed in 1987 than in any previous year since its publication. This level of distribution was reached by the end of November and does not include data from December which is not yet available.

Thus far this year, distribution, a term which encompasses sales as well as donations (gift and library placements), of the English version has reached almost 10,900 with less than 5% of that amount representing donated books. When compared with figures for all twelve months of last year, distribution of the English version is up by more than 13% and sales have increased by more than 32%. Orders from all of our distributors that serve the bookstore trade, and with which we have had at least several years of association, have significantly increased this year over last year. It seems certain that when data for December becomes available, distribution (and quite possibly sales) of The URANTIA Book will comfortably exceed 11,000 copies. The highest figure previously reached was about 10,600 copies.

Amadon Corporation, an affiliate of URANTIA Foundation, reports that figures for the distribution of the French translation, Le Livre d'Urantia, are at a level with last year, or about 1,400 copies at the end of November with 1% of that total being donations to libraries. If figures for both the Engtish yersion and the French translation are combined, then the total number of copies distributed reaches more than 12,200 books, well beyond any previous combined count. Should December prove to be an active month, then the combined number of books distributed in 1987 could reach l3,000 copies.

By the end of this year, it is estimated that almost 165,000 copies of the English version of The URANTIA Book will have been distributed since 1955. At the conclusion of 1987, the total distribution count of copies of the French translation, since its publication in 1961, should reach about 20,000 copies. Thus, the combined total of both versions will be around 185,000 copies.

It took 12 years, 1955 to 1967, to distribute the first printing of 10,000 books. Now we are distributing that amount and more every year. The book is available in thousands of bookstores and libraries around the world. These accomplishments have occurred without the usual tools of commerce such as advertising. We believe this is a testament to the book's quality and ability to find its way into the thought stream of our planet at a steady, evolutionary pace. This approach allows our movement to grow larger and stronger in an atmosphere free from the potentially distorting pressures of notoriety in preparation for the time when larger numbers of people will pursue their spiritual quest and more readily embrace the book. Let us all work together to be as prepared as we can for that time by making the book more available in bookstores and libraries and by establishing thousands of study groups and URANTIA Societies around the world that can offer a helping hand to new readers and give them the support they need.

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