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The Trustees of URANTIA Foundation wish to send special greetings to our Finnish friends. As previously reported, the Finns have been engaged in the production of the Finnish translation of The URANTIA Book since 1969-70, under license from the Trustees of URANTIA Foundation. Their loyal, volunteer work translating The URANTIA Book into Finnish has been steadily progressing in full and open cooperation with the Trustees of URANTIA Foundation over all these years. It has been our special privilege to be associated with these dedicated and sincere spiritual servers. We wish them Godspeed in their spiritual endeavors and on a more practical level hereby pledge our full support for the realization of their translation project, personal, moral and financial.

But there is something else we should not lose sight of. Long before our now-announced program for book placement in book stores and our program for book placement in libraries, the Finns BOUGHT 51 copies of The URANTIA Book for placement with libraries within Finland (Suomi). They took strong and effective action without impinging upon copyright or trademark considerations. They have well exemplified the effectiveness of unselfishness and dedication to a worthy cause without the need for self-aggrandizement. We hope to see many of the Finns soon.

We also wish to send our sincere best wishes to our French readers, some of whom were instrumental in the development of our new program for placement of The URANTIA Book and Le Livre d'Urantia in bookstores throughout the world. A job well done!! We look forward to spending more time with these dedicated workers.

And last but surely not least, our best fraternal greetings to our friends "down under" who have undertaken the task of placing copies of The URANTIA Book in libraries in various places within tlre grand continent of Australia. Keep up the good work!!

And best wishes to each of you who have evinced a genuine interest in the advancement of the ameliorative effects of the teachings of The URANTIA Book throughout the world toward the goal of world peace and brotherhood, under the Fatherhood of God.

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