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Sales of The URANTIA Book for the first six months of this year have significanfly increased in comparison to the same period in 1986. If this trend continues, it is quite possible that more copies of the book will be sold this year than have been sold in any previous year since the publication of the book. It is interesting to note that orders are up, in some cases quite significantly, from those of our distributors that serve the bookstore trade, and this is true also of Waldenbooks, the largest bookstore chain in the United States. The reasons for this increase are not entirely clear at this time, but, it is known that book sales, overall, have been increasing at an appreciable rate for the last several years. We will explore this increase in sales more fully in the next issue of this newsletter when the data available for analysis will be more complete.

In a related matter, Amadon Corporation, an affiliate of URANTIA Foundation that publishes the French translation of The URANTIA Book, reports that it has contracted for another reprinting of Le Livre d' URANTIA.

This is the fourth reprinting of the French translation since 1982 and the contract calls for the production of 5,OO0 copies. When production of this reprinting is complete, it will mean that well over 16,0O0 copies of Le Livre d' URANTIA have been printed since 1982.

We also wish to report that from May 23 through 26, URANTIA Brotherhood Corporation (UBC), sales agent, and URANTIA Foundation hosted a booth which displayed both the English and French versions of The URANTIA Book at the annual convention of the American Booksellers Association held in Washington, DC. The Foundation provided the funds for UBC to attend the convention, while UBC purchased a modular display unit to use in the booth. The primary purposes of the booth are to increase awareness of the availability of The URANTIA Book within the publishing industry, as well as to encourage the appreciation of the Foundation and Brotherhood as operating within the standard channels of book distribution.

The booth was staffed by representatives of both the Foundation and the Brotherhood. More than lOO people visited the booth, and the majority of these visitors were representatives of bookstores or book distributors. Additionally, more than l OO copies of the book were purchased or ordered from the staff in the booth.

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