New Trustee Elected - Frank Sgaraglino

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The Trustees are pleased to announce the election of Frank Sgaraglino as a Trustee of URANTIA Foundation. Frank is filling the vacancy on the Board of Trustees created by the death of Art Burch, who passed away last May. In his professional life, Frank works as the manager of a trust section at a large bank. Frank has been a student of The URANTIA Book for more than twenty-five years. He has been a member of Orvonton URANTIA Society of Chicago since its inception in 1961 and has served the group in a variety of elective positions, including President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Frank served as a member of the General Council of URANTIA Brotherhood from 1964 to 1986. He also had the opportunity to serve as a member of the International Fellowship Committee from 1964 to 1971 and the Fraternal Relations Committee from 1971 to 1980. In 1980, he became Chairman of the Finance Committee and served in that position until he was elected to the office of Vice President of URANTIA Brotherhood in 1985. After his election as a Trustee, Frank resigned his positions as a General Councilor and Vice President in order to focus his available time on his new responsibilities with the Foundation. During his tenure as Chairman of the Finance Committee, Frank led the very successful fund drives for the 7th Printing of The URANTIA Book and for the Spanish translation. Frank's wife, Mary, works for a publishing company and his son, Mark, is a high school student. We hope you will join with us in welcoming Frank into his new role within the URANTIA Movement as a Trustee.

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