Excerpts from Letters

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"Eight months ago, I purchased a copy of The URANTIA Book from a local bookstore. I have read the book from cover to cover, and am now in the process of rereading it. This time, very carefully underlining what I consider important passages as I go. There seem to be millions of them!"

* * *

"Found your book, The URANTIA Book, in the local library here listed as a gift from you. Thanks! Now - what the dickens is this? Who are you? Where did this come from? This book is a MIND BLOWER!''

* * *

"Recently, a friend of mine showed me a copy of The URANTIA Book presented to the Nursing Home he manages. Not being familiar with the Foundation or the book and having only a short time to examine it, I am seeking additional information. The most logical place to begin is with your organization."

* * *

"We discovered your beautiful book in our public library, and now find we need to know more about your Foundation."

* * *

"About a month ago, I purchased a copy of your publication, The URANTIA Book. Since that time I've read approximately two thirds (I'm at Part IV - The Life and Teachings of Jesus). To say the least, the material is very thought provoking. However, pending completion of the book, I'll reserve further judgement. Nevertheless, I will state that it has certainly enhanced my outlook with regards to my relationship, (as I perceive it), with God, and surely, that is good and I commend you."

Foundation Info

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