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Andite Corporation. the subsidiary of URANTIA Fountlation which has been established to produce a strongish translation of The URANTIA Book, has reported that it signed the contract with Euramerica, the translating company, in early April of this year. To date, a glossary of terms, tlte Foreword and the first ten Papers have heen translated and sent to Andite's team of reviewers. The work has begun!

Over a period of the next twelve to fourteen months, the translating team and the reviewing team will work hard to complete the entire book. So far, the process is going well. Later this summer, some members of the reviewing team and a representative of Andite will travel to New York to confer with the translating team.

We can only thank again all those who contributed to make this translation possible - especially those who have unstintingly given us their steady encouragement and support for some time now towards the realization of this important project. We can all now look forward to the day when we can hold El Libro de URANTIA in hand.

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