New Trustee - Hoite C. Caston

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Hoite C CastonThe Trustees take pleasure in announcing the election of Mr. Hoite C. Caston as a Trustee of the URANTIA Foundation. Hoite is filling the vacancy left by the departure of Edith Cook from the Board of Trustees. ln his professional life Hoite is both a writer and director of television prorams and commercials and has recently directed his first motion picture film. He has been a student of The URANTIA Book for twenty years. He joined the First URANTIA Society of Los Angeles in 1969 and has served that group ln a variety of elective positions, including President, Secretary and Chairman of the Membership Committee. Hoite also served as a General Counselor from 1970 to 1979 and for some years as a member of the Domestic Extension Committee of URANTIA Brotherhood. Further, Hoite has spoken at a number of regional and national conferences, as well as society and study group meetings. Hoite is married to Patti McCormick, an independent film and television producer, who gave birth to their first child, Aubree Antoinette Cates, on September 5. 1985. We hope you will join with us in welcoming Hoite in his new role in the URANTIA movement as a Trustee of URANTIA Foundation.

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