Library Placement Program Success Continues

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The success of the placement of books in libraries continues as evidenced by the letters we have received from readers. The primary source for this activity comes from two URANTIA Brotherhood committees, i.e., Domestic Extension and International Fellowship. These committees have been sending out mailings to French and English speaking public and university libraries allover the world. During this year, over seven hundred books have been placed in United States libraries and over two hundred in libraries in other countries.

Such committee activites, however, should not suggest there is no work for an individual. If you wish to help, contact these two committees. You can direct your letter to URANTIA Brotherhood at this address and it will be forwarded to the appropriate committee. The following are some excerpts from people who have found the book in libraries:

"I borrowed the book "URANTIA," from the library here and found a storehouse full of treasures therein. I very much desire to have a copy to study for enlightenment."

"I have just spent 6 weeks avidly perusing The URANTIA Book, and must now return it to our Public Library. Is it possible to obtain a copy for my personal use?"

"I had the good fortune ofbeing led to The URANTIA Book this past fall, and after finding it in the ... library and renewing it over and over because I wanted to continue reading and rereading, my daughter got me a precious copy of my own for Christmas."

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