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While over the years the approach of URANTIA Foundation has been to focus on the primary source of teachings, i.e., The URANTIA Book, the question of derivative (also called secondary) works continues. Derivative or secondary works are those which are based on or designed to supplement The URANTIA Book. They seem to fall into two broad categories, i.e., study aids and interpretive works. The purpose ofa study aid is to help one better understand the teachings and tends to supplement the study of the book. Interpretive works tend to dramatize or enhance the teachings through various media such as fiction, poetry, and audio-visual presentations.

The Trustees are considering the formulation of a set of guidelines which would help clarity the criteria by which secondary works requiring copyright approval might receive it. The criteria outlined below represents some initial thinking on this matter and is being presented at this early stage so that any of you who are interested in secondary works may have an opportunity to give us your input.

A guiding principle in developing this criteria is a quotation from page 555 in The URANTIA Book "But though the work is important, the seif is not."* The proposed guidelines are that a secondary work should be:

  1. consistent with the teachings of The URANTIA Book;
  2. a service project. i.e., no personal financial profit should accrue to the author(s), producer(s), artist(s), etc;
  3. done without calling attention to the author, producer, artist. etc;
  4. done in a non-promotional, non-coercive manner both in content and method of distribution;
  5. without ridicule, sarcasm, or other negative characteristics which would be offensive to any religious group, race or nation;
  6. without suggestion of official or authoritative sanction regarding opinions and interpretations;
  7. distributed in non-commercial ways, i.e., without advertising and mass media techniques;
  8. in compliance with copyright and/or registered mark requirements.

We welcome any thoughts or suggestions you may have.

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