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On May 18, 1985 another significant step was taken toward the realization of a Spanish translation of "The URANTIA Book." A meeting was held to discuss the translation process and contract considerations. Attending the meeting were members of the Board of Directors of Andite Corporation; Maria Zadunaisky, Project Director for the translator company, Euramerica; John Hales and Frank Sgaraglino representing URANTIA Brotherhood; and Douglas Fraser and Richard Prince of the Translation Selection Committee. The meeting went very well and the translation process was agreed upon. Essentially, the work completed by Euramerica will be reviewed by teams of "URANTIA Book" readers located in Bogota, Colombia; Seville, Spain; and the U.S. The finalization and signing of the contract is expected during the third quarter of this year. Once the process begins, it is estimated the project will take a minimum of 14 months.

It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors of Andite Corporation announce that the fund drive goal of $350,000.00 for the Spanish translation has been reached. We wish to express our deep appreciation to everyone who was able to donate funds to this important project. Further, we wish to acknowledge with grateful thanks the outstanding job done by Frank Sgaraglino and the Finance Committee of URANTIA Brotherhood in organizing and conducting the fund drive for the Spanish translation.

Also, we have received the good news that the Internal Revenue Service has recognized Andite Corporation as a tax exempt organization as defined in the U.S. Code Section 501(c)(3). This determination by the IRS certifies that all donations given to Andite Corporation to date and in the future are recognized as income tax deductions for the year contributed.

As readers of this newsletter will recollect, Andite Corporation is a subsidiary of URANTIA Foundation. The functions of Andite Corporation are to create, publish and distribute the Spanish translation of "The URANTIA Book," as well as raise funds for this project. Andite Corporation performs these functions with the advice and consent of the Trustees of URANTIA Foundation.

Two of URANTIA Foundation's pamphlets, "Description" and "Selected Excerpts," have been translated and are now available in French. We will be happy to send copies to anyone who wishes to have them.

Concerning the Finnish translation, steady progress continues as the Finns work on the latest revision.

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