New Trustee Elected - Helena Sprague

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Helena Sprague

The Trustees take great pleasure in announcing the election of Mrs. Helena Sprague as a Trustee of URANTIA Foundation. Helena, now retired, spent her professional life as an educator and school administrator. She has been a student of "The URANTIA Book" since 1957, a member of URANTIA Brotherhood since 1959, and an organizer of and participant in a number of study groups over the years. Helena is a founding member of the URANTIA Society of Central Connecticut and has served that Society in a variety of elected posts. She has also been active in other capacities with URANTIA Brotherhood and is currently serving as a General Councilor, as a member of the Judicial Committee and as a Field Representative. In her capacity as a Field Representative, Helena has requently had the enjoyable and stimulating opportunity of interacting with people who are new to "The URANTIA Book" and the URANTIA movement. We know you will join with us in welcoming Helena in her new role in the URANTIA movement as a Trustee of URANTIA Foundation.

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