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"...About six or seven years ago, I acquired 'The URANTIA Book.' At the time I thought it was an interesting book, but fantasy or someone's far out imagination. Around six or seven months ago, the book kept staring back at me from my bookshelf and after a while I began to read it. I now have a different attitude towards the book. It has also given me a renewed sense of life and the meaning of life."

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"...Hello Fellow Beings, I recently read parts of 'The URANTIA Book.' It answered questions I didn't know how to ask. It seems to be a wonderful spiritual enlightenment. I know I must find a copy of 'The URANTIA Book' for myself and friends. I know why I haven't seen or heard of this book. Most humans here are not ready to accept the concepts discussed in it. I realize that as humans our biggest achievement is that we accept God as our Father. I knew from reading the Foreword that God is more complex than most here on this planet are ready to accept. But as Christ said when you know what's good and what's bad you'll know truth and false. From what I feel about this universal book I believe it is true. I also know I must read the whole book. I want to be informed of all aspects of our world and others as pertains to Christ and God."

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