Spanish Translation Fund Drive Begins

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After a number of years of preparatory questioning and exploration as to the best manner in which to proceed in realizing a Spanish translation of The URANTIA Book, URANTIA Brotherhood in cooperation with URANTIA Foundation appointed a Translator Selection Committee to begin the search for a team of translators to accomplish the Job. After approximately one year. the Selection Committee identified a New York City company, Euramerica Translations. Inc., as the best candidate for the task.

URANTIA Foundation has now largely completed the contract negotiations with Euramerica, which plans to assign ten employees to the translation effort and which anticipates completing the actual translation work within an estimated period of fourteen to sixteen months once the work is commenced.

However, before the contract with Euramerica may be finalized and the translation work may begin, $350,000 must be raised to cover the cost of translating The URANTIA Book into Spanish and thereafter publishing approximately five thousand copIes of El libro de Urantia. As with raising the funds for future printings of The URANTIA Book In English. URANTIA Brotherhood, through its Finance Committee, has once again graciously agreed to assist with a fund drive to raise this $350.000. After publication, a portion of tile proceeds from the sale of El Libro de URANTIA will be placed in a sinking fund as a reserve for future printings.

Once the necessary funds have been raised. a contract can be signed between Andite Corporation. URANTIA Foundation's SpanIsh translation subsidiary, and Euramerica.

The initial response from a number of large contributors has been exceedingly encouraging and if followed by the wide and generous participation we believe will be forthcoming, our goal will indeed be achieved. We do ask and need the participation of everyone. Please contribute what you can, making checks payable to "Andite Corporation."

As an incentive to those who are willing to give larger sums, a free copy of El Libro de URANTIA will be given to the donor for each $500.00 contributed up to $2,500.00. Thereafter for each $1,000.00 given in excess of $2,500.00, a book will be placed in re·serve for donation to libraries by URANTIA Brotherhood.

Enclosed is more information on how to help make the teachings of The URANTIA Book available to a major segment of the world's population whose native tongue is Spanish. This is an exciting time. Please join with us to the extent you can in helping with this Important translation effort.

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