Excerpts from Letters

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"...Recentiy I was fortunate to run across a copy of The URANTIA Book. I spent some time reading it and am very well impressed by the message it brings to us about God and the meaning of our lives. I have been a different person since that time in my outlook on the future and what it holds for us. This is, I'm sure, a normal response that you are already familiar with."

* * *

"...I would like you to send to me some material on the URANTIA Foundation, Brotherhood and any other material that you might have for someone who is investigating life and is desirous to know more about the message that you have. I also would like a price on The URANTIA Book so I may acquire one for my own personal use and study."

* * *

"...I believe your organization may hold many of the answers that people are searching for. You may consider that my request for future membership will come from the heart and will reprcsent a sinccre effort to gain knowledge and experience from life. Thank you very much."

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