Eighth Printing of The URANTIA Book

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Because of the steady sales of The URANTIA Book, the eighth printing is now in progress with delivery scheduled for later this year. URANTIA Foundation has authorized the preparation of another 25,000 copies, bringing the total of English books printed to almost 160,000. (Sales with the exhaustion of the seventh printing inventory will approximate 135,000.)

With regard to a related matter, the Trustees had hoped to complete their review of suggested changes to the book's dust jacket in time for the eighth printing: however, because of a number of other priorities, it simply was not possible to give this matter the attention it deserved in order to incorporate changes in time for the eighth printing. We thank those who expended time and effort in bringing their suggestions to the Trustees' attention. The Trustees will, of course, continue to pursue this matter and welcome any and all suggestions you may have.

In the meantime, the Trustees were able to adopt one suggestion which provides for the elimination of the plastic shrink wrap which bookstores often have left on books on display and which has prevented a review of the contents of the book by potential buyers. We hope this change will prove a positive benefit.

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