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Numerous regional conferences have occurred in the first half of this year. Locations have been Phoenix AZ; Kansas City MO; Grants Pass OR; Chicago lL: Toronto, Canada; Atlanta, GA. The spring Northeast Regional Conference was held simultaneously in three locations: Bronx, NY; Sherborn, MA; and Farmington, CT. San Francisco was again the site of an annual weekend conference which is shared with the Spiritual Renaissance Conference. A one-day gathering of readers and study groups was held for the first time this year in Australia.

The second half of this year promises to be equally active. Weekend conferences or one-day study group gatherings that we have already been informed about are planned to he held ln the areas of Lake Eufaula, OK; Nashville, TN; Santa Barbara, CA; Montreal, Canada; Twin Falls, ID; Washington, D.C.

Occasionally there is some confusion on the part of conference planners conceming the use of copyright or the registered marks, i.e., URANTIA, URANTIAN, and the Concentric Circles Symbol. We have prepared a set of brief guidelines for conferences which we will be happy to send to anyone planning a conference. Or, you can telephone us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. Please keep this in mind as it is always easier to clarify any misunderstandings In the early stages of planning.

We have been able to send a representative from the Foundation to many of these conferences and we hope to be able to continue to do so. We appreciate the warm receptions we receive and look forward to the opportunity to greet old friends and make new ones.