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This year we have successfully prevented any unauthorized uses of the registered trademarks, service marks, and membership marks, i.e., the words URANTIA and URANTIAN and the Concentric Circles Symbol, without the need to file a legal suit. We are very pleased to report that a previous infringement (reported in our July 1980 Newsletter), which had been pending in the courts has been decided in our complete favor. The situation concerned a corporatlon in Houston, Texas that claimed to be the authorized URANTIA Society of Houston. URANTIA Brotherhood, through its own internal due process, determined the corporation was not the authorized Society. URANTIA Foundation, as the holder of the registered marks, pursued the matter in court in support of the Brotherhood to prevent the unauthorized group from using the marks. The Texas corporation which used the name without authorization has been dissolved. This ls a very significant decision for the future because the court recognized URANTIA Brotherhood's right to determine which groups are authorized URANTIA Societies. Such protections are important to safeguard us from those who wlll try to exploit The URANTIA Book, and the URANTIA organizations by passing themselves off as an official part of our movement.

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