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Perhaps the best way to describe our financial condition is to say that we are healthy, but lean. Booksales are at about the same level as last year so our revenues from booksales are moderate. As interest rates have dropped, the amounts we can earn from investment income is less. Our contribution level has remained about the same as last year (excluding the 7th Printing Fund Drive). Next year, in addition to usual expenses such as building, personnel, office supplies, legal and travel, we are looking at some additional expenses for building repair and upkeep and computer equipment. In addition, the expense of doing translations is considerable. We very much need your financial support.

In summary, it has been a very busy and productive year. We wish to heartily thank everyone for helping us to achieve our goals. With your continued support and cooperation, we will all forge ahead and continue our task of creating a solid base upon which the 5th Epochal Revelation may confidently rest and continue to grow untll the time it is recognized for what it truly is. May God's blessing be with you in the coming year.

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