Excerpts from Letters

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"During this past summer while I was working...I had a brief opportunity to look through The URANTIA Book. As I am lacking in any formal religious belief or education, what I read in the introduction and the first three papers captured my interest completely and provided me with the start of a plausible explanation of who, what, and why I am. I no longer have access to The URANTIA Book and I am very hopeful and anxious that you might supply me with information as to how I might get hold of a copy for myself."

"This is important to me and I look forward to hearing from you."

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"I am very interested ln finding out more about the URANTIA Foundation and the URANTIA Brotherhood. Until I was led to The URANTIA Book, I put modern religion off as a crutch for the weak and a lot of human theory and fanaticism. But now...wow! l'm excited about life and understand this complex world more and more each and every minute. I could fill many pages explaining my wonderful experiences but I‘m sure you share my enthusiasm."

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