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We are extremely pleased to announce that the French translation of The URANTIA Book is again available. For those of you who have not been aware of the situation, a brief explanation may be helpful.

In the early l960's, a three-volume French translation of The URANTIA Book titled La Cosmogonie d'URANTIA was published. Sales of the translation grew slowly but surely and were primarily focalized in France and surrounding European nations and in French-speaking Canada. Due to a disagreement between the Foundation and the translator, the Foundation brought suit against the translator in the mid-l970's. The result was that the translation has not been available since that time.

Matters have now matured to the point that a reprinting of the French translation has been possible. It is now titled Le Livre d'Urantia and is a high quality, one-vo1ume, individually cartoned, hard-cover publication. The price is $38.00 (U.S. funds).

Books can be ordered from Amadon Corporation, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago,IL, 60614. U.S. postage for one book is $1.55 and the international rate is $2.41. Please send a check or money order made payable to Amadon Corporation. If you are ordering from outside the United States, please send an international bank check or money order in U.S. funds.

Members of the Executive Committee of URANTIA Brotherhood made trips to Paris, France, and to Montreal, Canada, to personally meet with our French speaking friends. They conveyed to us that in both areas the announcement of the renewed availability of the translation was well received.

We hope that the availability of the current translation will be a valuable aid in the international spread of this revelation. We wish to extend our deep appreciation to all those who showed great forbearance and patience during the difficult times when this translation was not available and to sincerely thank all who contributed in various ways to help bring this reprint into existence again.

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