Excerpts From Letters

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"I am greatly interested ln buying several copies of The URANTIA Book. It seems like the greatest thing a human could do for another mortal being. I first learned of your book several years ago, and only recently found a copy in a bookstore.

The effects of the book are excitingly profound. It makes me tingle when I think of God. I have about 7 friends and relatives to whom I would like to give this book. Please let me know how much it would cost for 7 to 10 books."

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"I have found The URANTIA Book to be the most enlightened source of wisdom I have ever come across. My husband and I are very interested in finding others in our area that may he studying this book.“

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"On April 23rd we had the greatest and one of the happiest surprises of our life. It was and still is a thrilling experience, that we cherish deeply in our heart, to have now at our disposal the book entitled "Le Livre d'Urantia"; a purified presentation, well done, on fine and good quality paper, very similar to the English version in format and presentation.

We acknowledge it as a very wise decision and a very positive and constructive step forward. We had, on this historical occasion, the opportunity and privilege to share with more than thirty truly dedicated readers, that genuine feeling of joy and appreciation.

We wish to express, in our name and on behalf of hundreds of actual readers and thousands of future readers, in Quebec, our thanks to the trustees and their collaborators for their positive and hrotherly concerns for thc Fifth Epochal Revelation among French communities.

You can be sure that there are scores of enthusiastic readers now determined, more than ever, to work at the wise dissemination of "Le Livre d'Urantia" through llbraries and bookstores. Now that we are provided with books, we can follow the path already set by the Brotherhood, plus the accumulated momentum, to contribute to the spreading of new and well grounded study groups and to the spiritual enhancement and enlightenment of our part of 606."

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