Visitors from Colombia

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In a prior edition of Urantia Brotherhood Bulletin, a study group in Bogota, Colombia was mentioned. This is the first study group in Central or South America of which we are aware. Urantia Brotherhood recently was able to send representatives to visit with the group. In late October of this year, representatives of the Bogota study group visited Chicago to meet with Urantia Brotherhood and Urantia Foundation.

Understandably, a Spanish translation is a primary concern to this group. We had a very productive exchange of viewpoints regarding translations, the conditions in Latin America for the spread of the teachings, and how the Bogota study group has faithfully continued studying the teachings with the aid of a few bilingual members despite the lack of a translation. It was a pleasure to meet with these fellow students of The Urantia Book and we believe our relation ship will continue to grow and prosper.

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