European Trip

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Foundation President, Tom Kendall, and his wife, Carolyn, visited students of The Urantia Book in several European countries in September. The purpose of the trip was to discuss Foundation matters and to maintain friendly relations with fellow believers.

The itinerary included visits to Lund, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland; Paris and Avignon, France; and Verona, Italy. Study groups meet regularly in these and other places on the continent. It is especially gratifying to see such quality study taking place in spite of the language difficulties that affect many students.

Despite the problems surrounding the French translation there are still strong ties of friendship between French-reading European students and those in the United States. This is true of relations with believers in other areas of the world as well. We all need to maintain and foster attitudes of mutual understanding based on our common goal, the wise and successful spread of the teachings of The Urantia Book.

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