The Copyright and Registered Marks

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Problems concerning the copyright to The Urantia Book have been successfully handled outside of court and so we did not have to initiate any lawsuits concerning copyright this year. As is reported in more detail below, the suit of Urantia Foundation vs. Robert Burton was resolved this year with the judge of the case rendering a decision which upheld the Foundation's copyright in The Urantia Book. The unavailability of a French translation continues, but the final hearing in the Paris appeal has just occurred so we are anticipating a decision in the not too distant future. The Trustees continue to regret this current lack of a French translation, but sincerely appreciate the patient support exhibited by so many French fellow believers.

Problems with the registered marks have also been successfully handled except for the unfortunate situation regarding the First Urantia Society of Houston, Inc. We were forced to initiate a lawsuit in this matter, but Urantia Brotherhood is currently exhausting all remedies to resolve the matter internally.

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