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Although book sales were down this past year, we can see several factors which contributed to this slowdown and believe they will have only a temporary effect. We already see a gradually increasing sales trend from the low levels at the beginning of the year. The seventh printing of The Urantia Book will occur in 1981. This year also witnessed the initiation of a 20% discount policy on purchases of 5 or more books for all persons and we hope this will be a service for those who like to buy extra books for loan copies or gifts.

It is difficult to assess our progress this past year. First, there is an apparent decrease in interest from new readers as evidenced by a decrease in sales. However, this decrease is countered by an increase in interest and commitment among those already reading the book as evidenced by the number of conferences, a new Urantia Society, and the formation of new study groups. Whether such an inverse relationship between the activity level of new readers and old readers indicates a natural growth trend can only be speculation. Until we have a much longer period of history to review, we can only guess at the growth patterns that may in time emerge more clearly.

We hope we share with you a view of the long range mission of this revelation. Although we have had problems and will no doubt have new ones, we believe that from a broad perspective our major responsibilities are being fulfilled. As another year comes to an end, we see that: 1) The supernal teachings of The Urantia Book are available to anyone who wishes to read them except, of course, where there is no translation or the help of a bilingual person, but the Trustees are actively addressing the translation problems, 2) interest in these teachings continues to come from new readers as well as increases within the ranks of those already reading, 3) the original teachings are still totally intact and there is no confusion about finding the true text, and 4) the copyright which preserves the original text now and the registered marks which will identify the original text in future times are strong. Such an overall healthy state of affairs is due to your continued spiritual, mental and material efforts. Thank you for your support.

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