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This newsletter often presents information concerning legal matters such as discussions of the use of our registered marks, copyright, or sometimes lawsuits which Urantia Foundation is compelled to undertake. And, while many readers of this newsletter have expressed an appreciation that we share this information, other readers have expressed a feeling that they are uncomfortable with such legal matters. We appreciate and understand these latter views; however, we believe that it is important that you be informed about such matters to the extent we are able to do so in such a brief format as a newsletter. We hope that inclusion of such articles in this newsletter does not eclipse an appreciation of the fact that we all mutually hold the same long range goals and that we continue to make progress toward these goals.

We continue to receive thousands of letters and hundreds of telephone calls and visitors who share with us the excitement of their discovery of The Urantia Book and its supernal teachings. The great objective and goal of Urantia Foundation is to encourage the study and dissemination of these marvelous truths. We, like you, are students of The Urantia Book and share with you the goal of the spiritual transformation of our world by acquainting our spiritual brethren with the ennobling truth that we are the beloved sons and daughters of our Universal Father and that we are all spiritual brothers and sisters who are challenged to lovingly serve one another. The problems we encounter are but a part of the process by which we are journeying from chaos to glory.

The following are some excerpts from some of the letters we have received:

“I have just finished looking through a carefully 'hoarded' Urantia Book over at a friend's home. It was so expertly written, I could hardly put it down. Each sentence I read, I felt almost instantly enlightened.”

“I have been reading The Urantia Book for two years, and my enlightening awareness continues to grow. The true love expressed in The Urantia Book is the most wondrous experience anyone could hope for. It is bliss for me.”

“This incredible book has passed through my life now twice, and both times it has brought clarity and a deep satisfaction that I was unable to find anywhere else.”

“I have just discovered The Urantia Book and in doing so have read the most profound wisdom I have ever come across. Needless to say, I would like very much to discuss my feelings with members of your Brotherhood.”

* * * *

“Teach all believers that those who enter the kingdom are not thereby rendered immune to the accidents of time or to the ordinary catastrophes of nature. Believing the gospel will not prevent getting into trouble, but it will insure that you shall be unafraid when trouble does overtake you. If you dare to believe in me and wholeheartedly proceed to follow after me, you shall most certainly by so doing enter upon the sure pathway to trouble. I do not promise· to deliver you from the waters of adversity, but I do promise to go with you through all of them.” Page 1767*

“Be not discouraged; human evolution is still in progress, and the revelation of God to the world, in and through Jesus, shall not fail.” Page 2097*

* * * *

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