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We thought you would like to know that Urantia Foundation (and Urantia Brotherhood) has made a special effort to operate in full conformance with the operating and reporting requirements of the Federal Government and the State of Illinois, not only to insure continued tax exempt status under U.S. Law, but also to insure contributor confidence in the use of funds. In the last decade, Urantia Foundation has been audited by the Internal Revenue Service three times, including this past year, as part of their regular procedure for reviewing the fiscal responsibility of nonprofit, tax exempt, organizations.

The Trustees are pleased to report that based on the 1979 audit, the IRS continues to recognize Urantia Foundation's U.S. tax exempt status. (In addition to these IRS audits, Urantia Foundation's books are independently audited annually by Arthur Andersen and Company. You may request a copy of the latest financial statement by writing to us.)

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