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As most of you know, Urantia Foundation increased the price of The Urantia Book from twenty-six dollars to thirty-four dollars effective November 1, 1979. The increase was and is necessary to insure the Foundation's continued ability to carry out its programs. Operating costs have increased for the Foundation not only because of inflation, but also because of the growing scope of the Foundation's work. Also, another printing of The Urantia Book is scheduled for late next year and funds must be assured.

The Trustees regret the necessity of the increase. Everything possible has been done economically to carry on Foundation operations and wisely shepherd current funds. The support and understanding of this increase which has so far been shown by our readers has been encouraging--even pleasantly surprising--though it is evident that increased attention to fund raising will be necessary in the future, both short and long term.

Concerning The Urantia Book, future pricing policy will, of course, be dependent on factors such as inflation, growth in Foundation services and activities and the level of reader contributions. Since our two main sources of financial support are proceeds from the sale of the Book and contributions, each of us can help in forestalling further upward price adjustments through increased financial support.

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