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The rate of sales

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The rate of sales

The volume of mail--both national and international--telephone inquiries and visitors here at "533" continues at a healthy pace. Admittedly during our just past winter, with snow banks at a minimum of several feet in height, visitors were few and far between; but with the return of warm weather they have been coming with increasing frequency.

The rate of sales of "The URANTIA Book" also continues at a healthy pace. Well over 90,000 copies of the Book have now been sold and distributed. The current volume of sales is averaging approximately 840 books a month. Of course, in some months, the volumes are higher and sometimes lower.

Interestingly, we are increasingly being told by people who contact us that they are discovering "The URANTIA Book" in public and school libraries. It appears that the long term effort by URANTIA Brotherhood, several of the URANTIA Societies and individual readers of placing copies of the Book in libraries is beginning to pay positive dividends.