Staff - Scott Forsythe, June Moritz

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We are happy to advise you that Scott Forsythe, ex-President of First URANTIA Society of Los Angeles, joined our staff on August 21, 1978, as Administrative Assistant. His wife, Carol, has been fortunate in obtaining an excellent position with the telephone company in Evanston, Illinois. We are very happy to have these two delightful people in our midst.

Scott will be assuming a number of administrative duties, some of which were formerly the responsibility of Mark W. Kulieke, Assistant Secretary of URANTIA Foundation. Mark has taken a position with a Chicago area publisher and is looking forward to expanding and developing his talents in the publishing field. While working with us, Mark contributed substantially to the actualization of the Foundation's aims and purpose. His presence and quality work will be missed by all of us who have worked with him.

To replace Lea Ann Fishburn, our receptionist-typist, we have been fortunate in obtaining the services of Mrs. June Moritz. June is a splendid addition to our staff.

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