Excerpts From Readers’ Letters

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"I have just finished reading The URANTIA Book for the first time and I am reading it again. I thank you with all my heart. I was on a pretty rocky road before I picked it up a year ago, now my life has changed unbelievably. I had several spiritual experiences when I was younger, but in all I read I could never find a true explanation. Every word in every sentence in The URANTIA Book rings true in my heart."

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"Several of my friends and fellow URANTIA Book readers have encouraged me to write this letter in praise and support of the quality of publication of The URANTIA Book.

As a secretary, I have been involved in quite a number of publication efforts: theses; annual reports to funding agencies; and papers submitted to technical/professional journals. I well appreciate the time and labor required to produce superior copy quality. In fact, the first thing that attracted me to The URANTIA Book was the quality of paper, print, and binding--all for only $26.00! I remember thinking that I just had to own the BOOK, no matter what the contents, because it was so beautiful, little realizing at the time how much of an impact the contents were to make on me!"

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"This is a belated letter of thanks to all who have worked for the care of The URANTIA Book over the years. I was introduced to the book in 1974 while attending a seminary. At the time, it was difficult for me to overcome the prejudices of doctrinal thinking, so, even though I had purchased a copy, I put it out of my mind at that time.

After three years in seminary, I began to realize that my personal experience of God clashed with certain ideas that I was being taught. I decided to leave. After months of spiritual confusion, imagine my joy when I once again came across The URANTIA Book "buried" underneath volumes of forgotten theology books. As soon as I re-read various papers - especially #196 - "The Faith of Jesus" - I knew that the answers to my difficulties had been in my possession all along."

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"I would greatly appreciate if you could send me any available information about The URANTIA Book and the URANTIA Foundation. I came across The URANTIA Book about 10 months ago and have been enthralled by it since I read the first page, and just can't seem to stop getting complete enjoyment from reading and experiencing its great truths.

The URANTIA Book has helped to make a much needed change for the better within myself. I only hope that I might help my fellow man to work towards a better self and be more like our Father, God."

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"You'd be delighted to learn that I have received a copy of The URANTIA Book. Thanks ever so much for all that you have done to get the book to me. I really appreciate you. I agree with the individual who told me that he believes 'that many years of stimulating reading lie before me in this magnificent volume,'

I have started reading The URANTIA Book and the part which interests me is the part on Jesus' life and teachings."

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